Organizations who are into Project handling or undertake Turnkey projects face multiple challenges in having project-wise analysis. It is a tough task to derive the exact costing of the project as there are direct & indirect costs are involved. Segregating the inventory cost meant for every project or every stage of the project is also not easy because most of the time purchases are done in bulk quantities and for multiple projects at the same time.
Planning can be done by division or project. A single project can be planned without disrupting the material plan for other projects.
Audit trails of all labor and material transactions.
Material, Labor, Subcontract and Other Direct Charges can be viewed in the project
‘Project Management’ module developed by Logic infotech precise addresses these needs of the project companies. This module takes care of tracking the direct & indirect expenses happening for the projects. It also calculates the material costs used while dispatching or consuming and allocates that to the project costs. The module facilitates the material or bought-out items which are sent directly to the project sites.
How Can Module Help You
Module developed for deriving the Project Costing for one or multiple projects
• Capable of deriving the run-time costing for the on-going projects
• Costing includes Direct costs, Indirect Costs, Material Costs, Production/ Manufacturing Cost (if applicable), Bought-out Items cost etc.
• Project Costing for any period
• Facility to audit the transactions which are unallocated at the time of Data-entry
• Project-Stage-wise Costing & profitability
• Project budgeting & Variance Analysis.