Enterprise Class Tally product

This is an Enterprise Class Tally product that helps the organization to boost the performance ideally suitable for volumous data in Multi-user environment.

Tally.Server9 is a tool to enhance the efficiency, security, manageability and performance of your Tally.ERP9, especially in a Concurrent Multi-user environment. It is an Add-on tool for Tally.ERP9 providing distinct advantages to the users in High-volume Tally data concurrently accessed by multiple users.

Advantages of Tally.Server9 :

Speed with Concurrent Data Access:
All users will be able to work faster without impacting each.

Power & Capacity:

To add as many users without compromising on the performance.

Security & Control:

The administrator will be able to control the visibility of physical data files and rights for administrative operations of all users.

Monitoring & Optimization:

The administrator will be able to monitor, track users’ activities and analyse work patterns.

No more Queues:

Simultaneous data access Immediate response and high performance.

High Stability:
Parallel ‘Read + Write’ operations, Stable and responsive even in abnormal situations.